CS 1120: Media Computation

Due: Monday, March 27, 11:59 PM

Thanks to your instructor's fascination with pointy-eared creatures (hobbits, Yoda, etc.), for this assignment you get to do something meaningful and useful! You'll get to help Yoda, the legendary Jedi Master.

Despite Master Yoda's wisdom, remarkable power, and intimate connection with the Force, speak well he does not. But that's where you come in, young padawans!

You are being tasked with rearranging (splicing) one of Master Yoda's most famous recorded quotes to make it grammatically correct.

DOWNLOAD THE QUOTE (right-click to save target/link file)

Specific tasks: create a function called yoda() that takes no arguments, and:

Remember to normalize the new sound before returning it!


Your file assignment4.py submitted to eLearning.

May the Code be with you.